Confident Christians is devoted to supplying help for those seeking the truth amidst the many worldviews that lead people down the wrong path in life.  The ministry is also here to support believers who are looking for help in better explaining these issues to their family, friends, and others that they care about. 

We firmly believe in the strong evidences of the Christian faith and that God gets to each person's heart through their mind.  We also believe it is absolutely wrong to run from the questions of skeptics or those who have doubts about areas of the Christian faith.  Instead, we believe that God is big enough to stand up under the thoughtful and intellectual inquiries aimed at Him.  God ignores the cynic; but to the thoughtful seeker who wants to know Him and have the apparent difficulties that have arisen in their mind solved, God is only too pleased to reveal Himself.  We hope He uses us to do just that. 

If you have questions or would like to schedule presentations at your location or over the Internet on the topics of Christian apologetics, Worldview, theology, or any related issue, please contact Confident Christians

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Robin Schumacher