Everything on Confident Christians is done in black and white - images, fonts, etc.  Why?  Because it represents our view on matters of faith and life.  We believe absolute truth exists and that anything opposed to real truth is false.  In other words, things are black and white.  When the post-modernist and pluralist world says that everything is true and that no single/absolute truth exists, it really fails to face reality and think logically.  

One of the first principles of logic is the law of the excluded middle, which says that something is either A or Non-A.   The object of the discussion simply cannot be both at the same time and in the same sense.   For example, the wall is either blue or it is not (there is no middle choice).   Some have tried to defeat the law of the excluded middle by arguing that the wall could be a multitude of colors, but they miss the simple point that if the wall were any color other than blue, the wall would still be non-blue. 

Hence, this is why any middle option is excluded and only two choices really exist.   

It is amazing that people can understand how the law of the excluded middle works when it comes to comprehending whether a wall is painted blue or something else, and yet deny that the principle still stands when it is applied to matters of faith and religion. Christianity has a distinct set of claims it makes about the nature of God, who Jesus Christ is, and what one must do to spend eternity with God. Other religions have a separate set of claims about the same three things. The law of the excluded middle (as well as the law of non-contradiction) says categorically that they both can't be true. Simply put, it can't be both ways. You cannot logically say that Christianity and another religion (for example, Islam) are both true because if one is true, the other has to be false. So many people don't realize that Truth, by its very nature, excludes. Accept one belief, and you must reject anything that opposes it; deny one thing, and you automatically embrace and affirm its opposite - it's undeniable if you choose to think logically.

When you really examine the doctrines of all faiths, they all have exclusivist beliefs, which means each believes it has the single source of truth about God and all other faiths opposed to it are false. Pluralists contend that all religions are true, however those holding to this belief fail to see they are actually adhering to the law of the excluded middle because they are in effect saying that pluralism is true and all forms of non-pluralism (such as Christianity and Islam) are false. Such a claim is self-defeating as it is really an exclusive claim. Further, any pluralist, when pressed, would be unlikely to admit that the beliefs of the Ku Klux Klan, hard-core Satanists, and other like belief systems are true.

Christ's Sermon on the Mount, which is recorded in Matthew 5-7, contains some of the most often-quoted words of Jesus. After the beatitudes and teachings on benevolence, prayer, hypocritical judgment, and the golden rule, Jesus makes a startling statement in Matthew 7:13-14 regarding the path that leads to Heaven: “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.”

Let's see how the law of the excluded middle works with the very exclusivist statements that Jesus makes. First, we see that there are only two choices - either we enter through the narrow gate or the broad gate. There is no middle choice. A very important thing to take note of is that each gate leads to a different place (they both do not lead to the same place), so it matters very much which gate we enter. Either you find everlasting life or you find destruction.

Second, Jesus says there are only a few who find the narrow gate and many who walk through the wide gate. This flies in the face of the pluralists and inclusivists who say that many (or all) will be saved and spend eternity with God, no matter what route they go down. So either Jesus is right or inclusivism is right. You simply cannot have a few who find eternal life (Jesus' claim) and many who find eternal life (the inclusivists' claim); it is not a 'both and' type of truth statement.

This means that if you are going to attempt and try to think critically, you must take a side and commit yourself to either pluralism/inclusivism or to the words spoken by Jesus.

In other words, things are pretty black and white.

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