Before entering seminary, Robin obtained a Bachelors degree and worked for twenty years as a database engineer and then an executive in several database software companies.  He has authored three books, served as a software reviewer and feature writer for several software magazines, and has written countless articles on database software engineering. 

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Dr. Robin Schumacher founded Confident Christians after facing several life challenges and being exposed to the side of Christianity that many don't like to face or talk about.  What happens when reality and life seem to evaporate the pretty exterior that many preachers paint about Christianity?  Can the hard questions that are posed about the existence of God and the truth claims of the Bible be adequately answered? 

After lots of investigation and study, Robin found the answer is "yes".  Once he got a taste of the power of Christian 'apologetics' (which means a "defense"), he couldn't get enough.  His library quickly swelled, his iPod was filled to capacity with podcasts of Christian apologists, and before he knew it, he was in seminary and had earned a Master's degree in theology with a major in Christian apologetics at Southern Evangelical Seminary, and a Ph.D. in New Testament (Dissertation: "A Biblical investigation of the Pauline apologetic framework and its implications for evangelism in a postmodern context"). Perhaps more importantly, he learned that God is more than capable of meeting the inquiries that come His way, and that His truth is ready to be discovered by those who honestly want to find it.

Although Robin attended church all his life, he didn't become a Christian until age 19, and so he is especially aware of the fact that there are many in church today who are not truly saved.  Robin began asking tough questions himself when, during a six-month time period, he lost his young wife to cancer, his mother to a stroke, and his father to lung failure (his mother and father died within one week of each other).  Because of this, he has done considerable work in the areas of why evil exists and how its existence can be reconciled with the presence of an all-good and all-powerful God.