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Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry
Loaded with lots of articles and facts for those wanting more information on evidences for the Christian faith.

Grace to You
John MacArthur is an exceptional teacher and scholar.  Like Swindoll, the man teaches with the same zeal he did 25 years ago.

Truth for Life
Alistair Begg delivers exactly what his ministry is called. 

Living on the Edge
Chip Ingram has a very practical ministry that offers good resources on apologetics and doctrine but his work oftentimes deals with the soft, but very necessary, side of the Christian life.

Southern Evangelical Seminary

For anyone wanting to learn from the country's best Christian apologists and Bible scholars, you can't find anything better than SES.
Very nice website devoted to answering interesting and oftentimes tough questions on the Christian faith (Robin serves as one of the panelists to answer questions).

Probe Ministries
A great organization that continually puts out excellent apologetic materials and other scholarly information that both edifies the Church and provides answers for those wishing to know more about Christ.

Bible Sprout
A great collection of Bible resources and study aids to help with in-depth research or just getting key questions about the Bible answered.

The following links will help you increase your knowledge in the area of Christian apologetics as well as discover more truth about God and His Word. 

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
Few (if any) do it as well as Ravi and his team of outstanding Christian apologists.  Bathing yourself in his podcasts and other resources will help you convey truth better than you thought you ever could.

The Zacharias Trust
One of the ministries of Ravi Zacharias.  Michael Ramsden, in particular, is an oustanding speaker and provides great insight and simple explanations that disintegrate complex issues. 

Insight for Living
Chuck Swindoll is one of those rare individuals who preaches with the same enthusiasm and fire that he did 25+ years ago.  It's hard to put down how much this man and his ministry has done for Christ.