confident christians

Many have heard the term "Emerging Church" but most don't know what it means. Is it just a new way to do Church or something else - something that is contrary to what Scripture teaches?

Some have even written off the Emerging Church, but their obituaries may be premature based on the fact that Emergent Church leaders continue to publish books that prescribe their teaching in more explicit and less vague ways than they have in the past.

This mini-series takes a look at the Emergent Church and its leaders. It first defines what the Emergent Church really is and then examines the philosophies that have become intertwined with the movement. Afterwards, it examines the teachings of its leaders and demonstrates the dangerous nature of what it prescribes.

Part 1 answers what the Emergent Church is, who its leaders are, and then performs an in-depth analysis of Postmodernism, which is the philosophy embraced by the Emergent Church.

Confident Christians

Christian Apologetics





Robin Schumacher

Part 2 takes each core belief of Postmodernism - relative truth, relative language, dismissal of discernment, and philosophical pluralism - and demonstrates how the Emergent Church nods in agreement with each. .