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There has perhaps never been a more confused time in human history when it comes to determining between what is morally right and wrong than the present. The prevailing philosophy of Postmodernism has ingrained a prideful position in many where their moral position matches that of Wicca: "En it harm none, do as ye will".

Yet, there is something deep in everyone that recognizes a moral law that transcends culture and the individual. Do objective moral values truly exist? If so, where do they come from, how are they recognized, and how should they be put into practice by humanity?

In October 2010, atheist Sam Harris released his book "The Moral Landscape", in which he argues that objective moral values can exist apart from God. This presentation looks at whether he was able to succeed in his arguments, and discusses all the possible sources of ethics to see which is truly viable.

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Robin Schumacher

Ethical Options - Which is Correct?

Is there a global ethical framework that humanity has been prescribed to follow? Or is everything just relative and subject to the situation? This presentation takes a look at the competing ethical frameworks that have been proposed and examines which matches what the Bible espouses.

Sex - Where is the Line?

There is no other topic that is more in-your-face today in American culture (and really every culture) than sex. Within the context of ethics and morality, how does one determine where the line is in regard to sex? This presentation tackles this very sensitive subject and discusses a number of the 'unmentionable' side topics of this explosive area.

Homosexuality - Identity or Lifestyle?

Homosexuals argue that their sexual behavior is inherently who they are, an identity, and that it is normal and natural. Further, they argue that any opposition to their position is a violation of their civil rights. Is that truly the case? Where does one look for a standard by which to answer that question? This presentation examines these questions and more to arrive at a conclusion on the moral foundation of homosexuality and same sex marriage.

Divorce - When is it Over?

Statistics on divorce in America are not good: nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. But what does God's Word say on the matter? When it divorce permitted and what about all the different situations that come into play (e.g. being divorced before becoming a Christian, etc.?) This presentation examines the issue of divorce from a Biblical perspective and addresses the many different questions that come up concerning the topic.  

Abortion - Choice or Murder?

Is the baby in the womb just a mass of tissue or a human being? The abortion debate oftentimes tries to throw out as many red herrings as it can to avoid the real issue - the question of whether or not a human being, a true life that is protected by the law of God and the Constitution of the United States exists in the mother's stomach. This presentation examines the medical, philosophical, and Biblical evidence to arrive at an undenial conclusion.

Capital Punishment/War - Is it OK to Kill?

Is it ever OK to take a life? What about capital punishment or in the event of a national war? Does God permit the taking of a life in these situations? This presentation takes a look at both situations and discusses the Biblical principles behind the death penalty and war.

Civil Disobedience - OK to ever Disobey Gov't?

Are there times a Christian can disobey the laws and orders of the government? Or should a believer always adhere to whatever the government says? This presentation examines these questions from a Biblical perspective to arrive at what God expects of His people where civil disobedience is concerned.

Money & Gambling - Whose Money is it?

Is it morally wrong to be well off; to have "a lot" of money? Is gambling a sinful activity or just simply some harmless fun? This presentation looks at these questions and more from a Biblical perspective.

The Best Argument Against Christianity

If you had to present the one, best argument *against* Christianity, what would it be? This presentation concludes the series "Got Ethics?" by describing the singular best argument against the validity of the Christian faith today. You might be surprised what it is.