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By far, the number one objection non-Christians have to believing in God is the presence of evil, pain, and suffering that is clearly manifested everywhere in the world. If God is all powerful, He could destroy evil. If God were all good, then He would want to destroy evil. But evil is not destroyed. Therefore ... the argument goes ... this all powerful and all good God of Christianity doesn't exist.

That's an awfully good argument.

This series examines the issue of evil and looks at both the intellectual questions as well as the emotional side of the problem. In the end, it shows how the argument above can indeed be addressed so that the fact of evil and the God of Christianity are shown to not be contradictory.

What is evil? Most people answer by saying evil is something like murder, child abuse, stealing, etc. But these are actually manifestations of evil and not an actual definition. This presentation works through a coherent definition of what evil actually is and answers other questions as well such as what types of evil exist and if God is the author of evil.

Confident Christians

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Robin Schumacher

Psychologist Abraham Maslow said, “As far as I know we just don't have any intrinsic instincts for evil.” And yet, every person on the planet has lied, stolen, and/or much worse. Where does this behavior come from? This presentation takes a look at where human evil came from, the reality of it, and its ultimate cure.

Os Guinness says that when people experience suffering and pain in their lives, they typically ask three things: (1) Why me?; (2) Where's God?; (3) How can I stand this? This presentation examines the problem of suffering and pain and proposes explanations for its purpose and ultimate end

When will God finally rid the world of evil? This presentation looks at that question and also details how God has already delivered Christians from many forms of evil right now. It also shows how all forms of deliverance are tied directly to Jesus.