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This is the first part of Step 3 in navigating the Worldview Maze. Is it really possible to state an extremely sound argument for the existence of God in 30 seconds or less?  Although great minds have wrestled with the question of God's existence for thousands of years, it's really not that hard to give a concrete argument that says a supernatural Creator is the best answer for why we and the universe exist.  Note the question of what kind of God is not addressed, but rather the question of if God is the best explaination for why we have something rather than nothing at all.      

This is the second part of Step 3 in navigating the Worldview Maze. The questions of existence, the intelligence that is seen throughout all of creation, and the inescapable moral "oughtness" of life demand to be answered.  When studied thoroughly, natural explanations for each of these questions falls short.  Instead, the answers point to a supernatural cause that embodies all of its effect (the world, mankind, etc.) Further, when the characteristics of this supernatural cause are examined, the Being in question resembles only one type of God - one that is theistic in nature.        

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