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On March 15, 2011, HarperOne publishers releases Emergent Church leader Rob Bell’s new book “Love Wins”. The promotional video for the book immediately raised speculations in Christendom that Rob Bell was a universalist, and what has followed since then has been one of the largest theological firestorms in some time.
Bell’s book “Love Wins” and its  accompanying controversy has landed him on Time’s 2011 “100 most influential people in the world” list and also resulted in countless media interviews. Without question, t
he reach of Rob Bell has far outgrown the 10,000+ members of his Michigan Mars Hill church, and therefore it is important we understand what his teaching is in this book, if it either squares with or against Scripture, and how it affects people’s spiritual thoughts and lives.

In part 1, we examine the controversy surrounding Rob Bell and his book "Love Wins", and review the history of universalism (sometimes called "ultimate reconciliation"). Lastly, a number of quotes from Bell are show to demonstrate that, while he may say he doesn't know what will happen in the next life, it is clear he is teaching something that doesn't match up to what the Bible says.  

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In Part 2, we examine the Biblical teaching on the concept of the afterlife, and show in detail the teachings of the Old Testament, as well as Jesus, Paul, Peter, and John's instruction from the New Testament. God's attributes of love and justice are also discussed.

In Part 3, the verses used by many Universalists in support of their view are examined in detail, with Biblical evidence being presented that refutes each one. A wrap-up and final conclusions finish the series.